Solar Power in Greater Sacramento Area, Arizona

Solar Power in the Greater Sacramento Area & All of Arizona

Arizona is one of the hotbeds of solar power in the United States, and Greater Sacramento Area is no exception. In fact, that state has been nicknamed the “Persian Gulf of Solar Energy.” The abundant sunshine makes it an ideal location for solar power plants and rooftop solar on homes. If you’re thinking of making the switch to solar power in Greater Sacramento Area, Arizona, you’ve come to the right place.







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Why you should switch to solar power

There are many benefits of having solar panels installed on your home:
Save money

The average home has enough roof space to install enough solar panels to power the entire house. In fact, many solar powered homes will produce more energy than they can use, and can use net metering to route power to the grid. This means you can actually get paid by the electric company, instead of having to pay them.

While the upfront costs of installing a solar array can be high, many pay for themselves in solar energy costs savings within five years. In addition, you will continue to save tens of thousands of dollars in the decades to come.

Clean energy

Rather than using ozone-destroying fossil fuels, solar power uses the natural energy from the sun. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint of your home and helps slow down climate change. It is a reliable, clean, and renewable source of energy.


With a solar array on your home, you no longer have to rely on the energy grid for power. This puts less strain on the grid in the hot summer months. It also means that if the power goes out in your neighborhood, your lights and air conditioning will stay on. And with electricity costs continuing to rise, solar is becoming a more and more economical option.

In addition, solar panels make it possible to completely live off the grid. This makes them ideal for not only suburban residences, but remote cabins where there is no access to the city’s electrical grid.

Increase your home’s value

Many people will pay a hefty premium to purchase a home with solar panels already installed. If you should decide to sell your home, the addition of solar panels can add several thousand dollars to the price buyers are willing to pay.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your electricity bill? Contact us today to discuss our available solar power options, and to find out if your home is a good fit for a solar array.

Main Reasons Why Choose Us